14th January                           Bridgend                  Shihan Jim Barnett

18th February                         Trimsaran               Sensei Heidi Hancock

25th March                              Cilffynydd                Sensei Peter Thomas  

8Th April    Iaijutsu/Aikido Seminar  at Ynyswen Miners Welfare Hall                                                                                              with Mike Selvey Shihan and Mike Williams Kyoshi Shihan

15/16 April                              Burry Port      Easter Course and Exec’ Meeting 

29th April                                 T0tnes                       Sensei Ray Brown

30th April                                 Plymouth                 Shihan David Worsley

20th May                                  Treorchy                 Mike Williams Kyoshi Shihan

17th June                                  Brecon                       Sensei Paul/Becky Funnel 

8th July                                     Burry Port   Weapons Course and Exec’Meeting

29th July                                   Burry Port       Pre-Dan Grading Course

1st -6th August         French Butoku Sai (DNBK) Claremont France

19th – 25th August        Burry Port   Summer School (AGM 19th  Dan Grading 25th)

16th September                      Totnes                       Sensei Ray Brown

17th September                      Plymouth                 Shihan David Worsley

30th September                     Oakdale                    Shihan peter Thomas

28th October                           Treorchy             Laura Williams Renshi Shidoin 

25th October                            Burry Port               Instructor Course

9th December                          Burry Port               General Course

Other Budo Events (dates to be advised) :

DNBK UK SHIBU R.T. - 28th October 2017 - Gosport (for eligible DNBK members in good standing) Please contact Kyoshi Williams for info'. 

Misogi Beach Training - 25th June 2017 - Assemble at Aberavon Beach at 10.30am

Kagami Biraki –

Ref:  See Grading List for dates of Grading and YuDansha Testing for Treorchy Aiki Ryu and DNBK.

See also Dan Grade Classes List for dates                   


Mike Selvey Shihan Iaijujutsu and Mike Williams Shihan Aikido

Both Instructors/ teachers are high ranking, titled  and Japanese registered in their appropriate disclipline.

Thanks for all who attended and a special thanks to Selvey Kyoshi and Murray Renshi for their excellent teaching on the day. Also many thanks to  Williams Kyoshi who organised the event and also taught Aikido on the day and Treorchy Shin-Gi-Tai members and instructors who helped behind the scenes.

A great day had by all and well attended.

Sunday YuDansha Classes 2017 held at Treorchy Aiki Ryu Dojo


Classes suspended from June -September due to post -  op knee recovery  for Williams Kyoshi 

12th March

23rd April

7th May

11th June

16th July

20th August

10th September

15th October

19th November

17th December


Congratulations to Matthew Rhys Jones and David Rees on passing their 3kyu gradings on 22nd April 2017.

Congratulations to Chris Poole on achieving his coaching award in August 2017 with the BAB. Well done Chris.

at Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society Summer School Yudansha Gradings. 

Future Grading Dates

Treorchy Shin-Gi-Tai Aiki Ryu Yudansha Gradings/Testing -     December 7th  2017 for Peyton, Hywel And David

Matt and David - 2kyu February 2018

Christopher Poole - NiDan SGTAS -Easrer School 2018 

Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Promotion/Ranking and Certification 2016//2017

Congratulations to the following DNBK Group members of Treorchy  Shin-Gi-Tai Aiki Ryu who recently received the following grades and official rankings.

Stephen Roberts YonDan

Patricia Lewis Yondan (also of Bridgend Shin-Gi-Tai Aiki Club)

Mark George-Wright  NiDan (also of Oakdale Aikido Club)

Welcome to the following - New DNBK General Members

Steven Frank Williams

Christopher Poole

Peyton Clemas

Authentic Samurai Titles issued by the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai :-

Kyoshi  - Master Teacher (trainer of warriors)

Renshi - Man/person of high attainment (highly skilled warrior)

Congratulations to Laura Renshi and her team on their success in Clermont-Ferrand in August 2017 attending the DNBK FRENCH BS and achieving such high honours.

Congratulations to David , Peyton and Hywel on obtaining their Nidan grades at the Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society Dan Grading in August 2017.

All three are shown above with their certificates. Well Done all!!!!